Calculus Resources

I've just begun to teach Calculus, here's what I have to offer. To see a dump of posts on the subject, everything has been tagged as best as possible.

I documented a few detailed approaches to some items in the curriculum attempting to answer the question, how do you...?

How do you...Integration, Curve Sketching, Volume, Fundamental Theorem.

In 2015, I revamped the curriculum significantly and explained my motivations: Plan of Attack

Parent Function Matching

f and f prime Curve Matching

2014-2015 Assessments

2015-2016 Assessments

Homework and Independent Practice

In 2014, tests were subdivided into three sections: 2 skills, 1 concepts. Students can retake skills sections after school if they choose. Students took three AP practice exams in the fall. The first had 10 multiple choice and 1 free response. The second had 10 multiple choice and 2 free response. The third had 25 multiple choice and 3 free response. The content of those exams were based on material posted behind the College Board account wall, I cannot publish them here. Any teacher with access to AP Central can find the released exams I used.

In 2015, tests were redubbed "Skill Checks" and were short assessments designed to cover 2 or 3 individual topics. Students were rated on an A, B, Not Yet scale. Conceptual material was handled through AP Sets given at the end of each grading period. The focus of these sets was on material covered by the multiple choice section of the AP exam. For the most part, students were not given answer choices, having to come up with the answers on their own.

Some Desmos items:

Mean Value Theorem

Defining Derivatives of Trig Functions

A couple of interesting classroom activities:

Throwback Thursday: highlight skills from long ago that are necessary in calculus like calculating slope, using area and volume formulas for various shapes, and working with rational exponents.

Continuity: draw a graph that adheres to the local continuity defined by given intervals