So, thanks to some bond money, I have a very technology enabled classroom. There's a projector in the ceiling which broadcasts my computer screen for the class to see. Very nice for when an image or video is needed as part of the lesson or entertainment. But it doesn't remove that fundamental class problem of turning your back to the class and possibly blocking someone's view. Enter my podium. I have a keyboard, trackpad, display, and digitizer tablet that let's me do anything you normally do with the computer during a lesson without the need to block the large board or run over to the desk if I need to type something. How does it work? Where can I get one? Well, the display mirrors what gets shown on the projector, done through a 4-port VGA splitter (sends video to a monitor at my desk, the podium monitor, and the room projector). If you want to get really crazy, they sell 8-port splitters. A 50-ft VGA cable feeds the podium monitor. In hindsight, 50-feet is overkill. The digitizer tablet mirrors the interactive board mounted in my room. It gives me the same natural pen input as the pen provided with the board. The digitizer, keyboard, and trackpad are all wireless giving me some freedom in placement. As far as where to get one: work in the construction industry for 3 years, acquire some carpentry contracts then ask your old boss to call in a favor. The base and monitor stand were added after initial delivery. The hope is to find a sweet spot of podium placement and desk arrangement so I can interact with my board from here and cut down on the "can you please move?" We've been in school for one day, and I already got "why do you have so many computers?" from a student. Mission accomplished.

If you have any questions about anything I may not have mentioned about this project, jclaydon at infinitesums dot com

AuthorJonathan Claydon