Happens to the best of us, but I didn't realize what happened until after it was too late. Part of the problem is this assignment was given on a day I was out so I wanted the least friction possible. Compounding the problem is I was out the next day as well and the material was going to be on a test I left for them. But lesson learned. Here's what happened.

We were covering angular and linear speed in Pre-Cal. My student teacher had given the intro last week, the kids struggled initially but were doing it ok with it. Enough that I felt comfortable testing them over it. I left this assignment as a summary activity and to make sure they had a feel for the kinks (converting things like pi*in/min into mph mostly):

Screen Shot 2012-10-15 at 11.41.38 AM.png

I liked the planetary problems I came up with. But can you see how I screwed them up? I told them everything! The process I went through to search for things like "radius of Earth" "6378.1 km to mi" "diameter of a size 5 soccer ball" were things THEY should've done instead. Even telling them how a 24 hour spin translates to rotations per hour was terrible.

So, blah. File this as  "must fix" for next year. And try not to do this as we continue forward.

AuthorJonathan Claydon